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Talking on the Phone

Reach Out

Calls and Texts

Our most common form of reach out is calling active members who have not been to the clubhouse recently. For those who prefer texting, we offer text reach out as well.

Instant Messenger

We utilize social media another tool to reach out to members. The primary messenger apps that we use are Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct messaging. 




Members can choose to be reached via email. Additionally, members can choose to sign up for a weekly newsletter that is sent through email and includes weekly updates about what is happening at The Carriage House.


We design and print our own cards at the clubhouse. We will ask members and staff to sign them and then send them to active members who have not been to the clubhouse in a while. We also send cards to all active members during the month of their birthdays.

Mobile Visits

When a member is passing through an especially difficult time, a small group will get together and go visit them.

When you become a member of The Carriage House, you become a part of a caring community that can empathize with others who may have a tendency to isolate. We know how important it is to reach out to our friends who are isolating and remind them that they are cared for. At the time of membership, applicants are able to choose if they would like other members and staff to reach out to them, how they prefer to be contacted, and how often. With this system, members can choose how often they would like the clubhouse to reach out to them (often times ranging from weekly to monthly). Below are the different reach out methods we offer.

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