Although nearly one-in-five families will be affected by serious mental illness this year, misunderstanding and stigma still abound. Eighty-five to ninety-five percent of adults with serious mental illness are chronically unemployed, and traditional treatment continues to focus on maintenance instead of recovery.
Founded in 1997, the Carriage House is a certified "Clubhouse Model" program with the singular mission of assisting people in their recovery from mental illness and reintegration into the community. In a non-traditional setting, "members" work side-by-side with staff on meaningful activities , building the confidence and self esteem necessary to reclaim their lives. We are proud to have an international reputation for excellence in the Clubhouse Model.
Through assistance with employment, education, housing, benefits, and other needs, the Carriage House ensures that members have real opportunities to return to heir lives. Our outcomes have been significant. In a decade the Carriage House has grown from a few dozen members to more than 1,100 with an active membership of over 200. We have assisted over 300 people in returning to work and over 160 in working towards educational goals.
 It is the mission of the Carriage House to assist these adults in their recovery. Recovery at the Carriage House means gaining or re-discovering the skills and self-esteem necessary to return to work or school, move into better places, stay out of the hospital, and re-claim one’s life.

Over the last ten years, the Carriage House has had remarkable success.  Since our inception, some of our outcomes include:


  • Attracting more than 1,200 members
  • Assisting more than 300 members return to employment in the community
  • Helping more 200 members with educational goals
  • Making more than 20,000 outreach phone calls to members isolating in the community
  • Moving more than 300 people into new places