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Our goal at The Carriage House is to help members regain the confidence and skills necessary to live their best lives. We offer assistance in several areas, including: employment, education, housing, recreation, and more. Click on the services below to learn more about each one.

Business Owner in Workshop


Returning to work, or looking for work for the first time can be intimidating. We offer a Transitional Employment program (TE) to help make that life step as comfortable as possible.

Reading Together


Whether you want to get you GED, go to College, or just pass your drivers exam, we are here to support you with weekly meetings and peer tutors.

Person Talking On Phone

Reach Out

When we notice a Member has not been attending the Carriage House for a while, Members and Staff will reach out to them to make sure everything is alright. Click below to learn more.

Tennis Players


Recreation is a way for members to relax and socialize with peers. Recreation activites take place outside of normal business hours to accommodate members who work during the day.

Renovated Building

Housing Assistance

The Carriage House will help members when moving to new apartments. We also assist members in applying for government assistance.

Working Together

Work Ordered Day

Members and staff work side-by-side to complete the tasks necessary to keep the clubhouse up and running.

Yoga Pose


Our wellness program focuses on healthy eating, exercise, and mental wellness. Participants will learn how to cook healthy, affordable meals, and have the opportunity to participate in yoga twice per week.

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